In Hebrew this expression is a blessing for one’s birthday, to live as long as 120 years of age.

Til 120.

1 belinda.

1 plastic flower bag.

1 video camera.

37 destinations.

Everyday is a birthday.


Choreographer: Idan Sharabi

Composer: Frederick Chopin

Premiere: Toronto, 2015 – “Three Muses”

Performer: Belinda McGuire

Costume Design: Katharine Mallinson

Film: Belinda McGuire and Idan Sharabi

Length: 8:00

About the work: Titled with reference to the Israeli blessing wishing one a long and full life, Sharabi’s newest solo for Ms McGuire is a reflection upon the passage of time, of hope and the journey toward deeper personal authenticity, set within the elemental beauty of Chopin’s Nocturne In F Sharp Minor, Op. 48. Til 120, Again was created as an echo of Til 120, another solo commissioned of Sharabi, which premiered as a part of “The Desert Island Project” in 2008.