facing this;

being a part of it all;

the body as both a vessel and an artifact;

our wants and losses;

being replaceable;

the beauty of a vase the moment before it hits the floor;

how fragile it all is;

pre-emptive mourning;

the reverence for good things that never came to be;

things that overstay their welcome;

the accumulation of artifacts that make a monument;

being forgotten;

once you are born, you immediately start to die.


Choreographer: Belinda McGuire

Composers: Arvo Pärt, Michael Gordon and Alfredo de Angelis

Costume Design: Belinda McGuire

Set Design: Belinda McGuire

Lighting Design: Solomon Weisbard

Projection Design: Michael F. Bergmann

Premiere: Toronto, September 22, 2017 - “Belinda McGuire: Waltz Slaughterhouse Requiem”

Performer: Belinda McGuire

Length: 34 minutes

About the Work: Slaughterhouse/Requiem explores the thrilling and frightening, reassuring and intimidating, grounding and unsettling proposal that “every day is a gift”. 

This 34-minute solo dance work unfolds in three chapters, each shorter and more distilled than the last, the same story through a starkly alternative lens.  Chapter I features music from Arvo Pärt’s Berlin Mass, Chapter II an orchestra of air raid sirens composed by Michael Gordon and Chapter III a melancholic and sweet tango waltz by Alfredo de Angelis.

Through the live dancer (and the myriad vestiges, reflections and impressions of herself which exist within and pass through the work) wrangle with connections between pre-emptive mourning, nostalgia, and the fleeting awareness that life is happening now.