Established in 2007, Belinda McGuire Dance Projects (BMDP) supports the research, development, production, and presentation of international and collaborative multidisciplinary dance performance as a means to stimulate the conscientious capacity of wide-ranging publics through exposure to creative experimentation and artistic excellence.


The launch of BMDP on the international dance scene began in 2007, with the inception of McGuire’s first evening-length production: The Desert Island Project. BMDP’s second full-length production, The Heist Project, was nominated for a 2013 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance.  This project, among others, has lead to the creation of vibrant, impactful work, the best of which remains currently active, while new and exciting projects are in-progress.  

Workshops, residencies and master classes are coordinated between BMDP and various companies and schools, to introduce other dancers to the technical methods and expressive power of the repertoire.