In search of moments which marked the course of a life.  An attempt by the body to revive and feel again that which was for a time pleasant or brutally intense.  Caught between the necessary availability of movement and the desire to bring out what is now part of oneself.  Does memory interfere with our ability to fully understand the present moment?


À la recherche de moments qui ont marqué le parcours d’une vie. Une tentative du corps à revivre et ressentir ce qui fut pour un temps agréable ou brutalement intense. Prise entre la nécessaire disponibilité du moment et le désir de faire ressurgir ce qui fait maintenant partie de soi. La mémoire interfère-t-elle dans notre capacité d’appréhender pleinement le moment présent.


The music, composed by Martin Tétreault, mirrors the inner landscape of the dancer with rhythmic waves of static, layers of intense noise and sudden silence. The turbulent minimalism of Tétreault’s sound is supported by François St-Aubin’s costume design and André Rioux’s lighting. McGuire is draped in a black mesh dress with dark undergarments, exposing bare limbs, subtly revealing her sinuous power. In the dim light, McGuire’s skin often appears to glow, generating a delicate sense of vulnerability. The waves of movement, sound and the gentle darkness together immerse the viewer in an environment filled with human emotion. There is a sense of unmooring from linear time; we become disoriented as time overlaps. It seems McGuire is reliving the past while experiencing sensations in the present. McGuire waltzes with the human condition, with awe and loss, sensation and recollection in equal balance.”
- Colleen Snell, The Dance Current (09-22-17)


Choreographer: Sylain Émard

Composer: Martin Tétreault (original composition)

Costume Design: François St. Aubin

Lighting Design: André Rioux

Premiere: Toronto, September 22, 2017 - “Belinda McGuire: Waltz Slaughterhouse Requiem”

Performer: Belinda McGuire

Length: 17:00

Technical Considerations: A medium or large-sized (35’ wide x 32’ or larger ideally), sprung performance floor is required.