“she stretches and sprawls upon the stage, riding a turbulent emotional sea”

- Susan Walker, Toronto Star

"...using a relatively small movement palette with deep lunges and backward arches, Ms. McGuire created a dreamy, sensual mood. But there were hints of darkness..."

- Claudia la Rocco, New York Times


Choreographer: Belinda McGuire

Composer: Richard Wagner (from “Tristan und Isolde”)

Costume Design: Belinda McGuire

Performer: Belinda McGuire

Premiere: New York City, 2008 - “The Desert Island Project”

Length: 12:00

Technical Considerations: A medium or large-sized (35’ wide x 32’ ideally, though 27’ x22’ can work), sprung performance floor is required.

About the Work: Fable, set to the love duet from Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde, captures the anticipation, acceptance, enjoyment and disillusionment of a dark fate.  A signature work, Fable captures McGuire’s movement identity most effectively - full-bodied, physically rich, and musical.